NVOCC (Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier)

Our NVOCC division provides cost-effective ocean freight solutions to clients with international shipping needs. We maintain strategic relationships with major global carriers having slot bookings for key trade lanes and to deliver the most competitive as well as ocean rates, we mainly emphasize transparency to avoid any hidden charges at origin or discharge ports committed to ensure customer has complete visibility and track of their cargo throughout the entire process.

AXL has its own dedicated Container Yard in close proximity to Ports
which makes it logistically convenient and economical for customers and
principals for inventory positioning and allocations–major trade lanes
(Ports & ICDs) service cover Middle East, Fareast, China, Red sea, ISC, Africa, Europe and North America.


Project Cargo

Project Cargo handling is one of the most complex transportation service
requiring special expertise & experience. Our Project handling division is
an added product in the range of services we offer, having all the
professional & infrastructure capabilities for managing total logistics in
Project Cargos.

For AXL Group of Companies No Load is Huge Load and No Job is Highly
Complex. From the selection of equipment to cargo loading, securing, &
unloading activities including; determination of jurisdictional weight and
size restrictions, relocation of utilities and obstacles etc., we manage the
entire job in one window operation


We have been in
the business for years!

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Afghan Transit

Since Pakistan is located at one of the most advantageous position, for
Afghan Transit Trade, where Karachi Port plays a huge role of being the
Gateway to Afghanistan and other Central Asian states/countries,
therefore it is one of the special service offered by AXL Group of Companies,
being handled by professionals. Our team is always on toes to provide
detailed information & design a program with different transport
possibilities that best suits your requirement


Special Equipment

In addition to the general purpose equipment, such as 20Ft GP and 40Ft STD/HQ containers, AXL Group of Companies also have containers with special features at their disposal, for instance flat rack and open top containers for out of gauge loads and reefer containers for goods that needs to be transported in a temperature-controlled environment


Refrigerated container is designed especially to store perishable goods. In its temperature-controlled environment the goods are carried safely without any fear of their expiry. It is manufactured with steel and aluminum and highly insulated.

We know what’s important to you when it comes to your refrigerated cargo. Whether it be perishable or pharmaceutical high-value cargo, our reefer experts ensure that your cargo is kept in its optimal condition, no matter when and where. We know that you need modern and reliable equipment that is clean, safe and provides you with the most precise temperature control.

Today, consumers across the world expect to have the freshest produce and goods throughout the whole year. This, of course, would be impossible without reefer containers taking your cargo across the globe


It is a cargo container with removable header for over-height consignment, made up of steel with increased nickel to avoid in-service damages, repairs, etc. Besides, its cost-effective tarps minimize replacement costs.

Allowing cargo to be loaded from the top, open top containers are particularly suitable for bulky cargo such as machinery. They are fitted with a PVC tarpaulin cover and attachable bows with cable sealing devices. The door header can also be swung out to make the stuffing of cargo more convenient. Manufactured from steel, open top containers come in 20 ft. and 40 ft. sizes

Flat Rack

It is a steel frame with fixed end walls and softwood floor, used for the cargo ready to load from the top or sides. Its end walls are removable for direct loading dock capability, and also are easily convertible to ramps for wheeled vehicles.

Flat Racks are especially suited to heavy loads or cargo that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery. OOCL offers collapsible and non-collapsible containers with or without walls. Manufactured from steel, flat rack containers come in 20 ft. and 40 ft. sizes.

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